Welcome to the ACAsM CPD Program for ADF Aviation Medical Officers.

ADF AVMOs and SAVMOs have a unique occupational context in which they work. For that reason, non-military aerospace medicine professional activities do not necessarily confer the level of technical currency required for the ADF AVMO and SAVMO’s work.  ACAsM has worked closely with the ADF and the RAAF Institute of Aviation Medicine to identify professional activities that are unique to the ADF environment, which also meet the requirements of an ACAsM CPD activity. By completing the activities within the ADF program, ACAsM Fellows and Associate Fellows who are ADF AVMOs or SAVMOs can simultaneously satisfy the currency requirements of the College and of the ADF.

Such is the breadth of the practice of aerospace medicine in the military, the activities listed through this site do not represent the totality of ADF-acceptable and/or ACAsM-acceptable activities. If you have identified a professional activity in your aerospace medicine work that you feel also meets the requirements of the ADF and the College, please discuss it with your Regional SAVMO or Single-Service Aviation Medicine Advisor.

Thank you for your commitment to professional development and quality practice. We look forward to working with you.